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P. Lohwasser

Painter and graphic-artist, was professors at the academy of the forming arts in Munich, leaders of the 

study-workshops for lithograph and pressure-graphics

born at the 27.3.1922 in Charles-bath, dead at the 18.4.1999 in Munich

Lohwasser was in the ARTIST GROUP since 1979 up to his death of 1999.

Father wood-sculptor.
Lohwasser have got early stimulation and own attempt.
His training was at the "state-vocational school for porcelain-industry" Karlsbad/Germany.
Then he got training in  drawing and painting, modeling, engraving and Lithographs .

1939 in Munich as lithographer active.
In this time the last stones weres described with the hand  in the industry and print.

1940 academy for „Applied art in Munich".

1945 academy of the „Forming arts in Munich".

1952 leader of the study-workshops and teachers for lithograph and pressure-graphics at the academy in Munich.

1975 price in the., Internal. Senefelder-competition. Open-brook."

1976., [Schwabinger] art-price of the city Munich.

1979 culture-prize for painting of the Sudeten Germans."

Own literature
Lithograph for artists, Kurt P. Lohwasser, 1980 [Bauverlag] Wiesbaden and Berlin.
Wood- and linocut [Holz-] and [Linolschnitt] , [Kurt] P. [Lohwasser], 1982 [Bauverlag] Wiesbaden and Berlin.

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